China Road and Bridge Corporation
China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC), originated from former China Road and Bridge (Group) Company with its performance and qualifications, is a large-scale, state-owned foreign-trade and economic-cooperation enterprise that focuses on construction of road, bridge, tunnel and port and other transport infrastructures as primary operation and trade, investment, leasing and service as its concurrent operations. Serving as a flagship, a window and a platform for the overseas operations of China Communications Construction Company Ltd. (CCCC) which has been included in”Top 500 Global Corporations” and is the China’s largest construction and design company for port, road and bridge, CRBC has established relevant branches in over forty countries and regions globally and formed an efficient and rapid network for operation, development and management in Asia, Africa and Europe. As a famous trade-mark in international contracting sector, CRBC has enjoyed high reputation domestically and overseas.

Jiangyin Bridge

Jiangyin Bridge

The history of CRBC can be traced back to early days of the People’s Republic of China. Along with the development and reform of China’s social and economic system, CRBC, has developed into an international contractor after several times of restructures, formerly the Foreign Aid Office of the Ministry of Communications of PRC, then the China Road and Bridge Engineering Company in 1979 approved by the State Council, then the China Road and Bridge (Group) Company in 1997 and latest, the China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC) in 2005.

CRBC possesses National-Level Qualification for General Contracting for Construction, various professional contracting qualifications and Special Qualification for General Contracting for Road Engineering which are approved by the Ministry of Construction of PRC. The types of qualifications owned by CRBC cover every area in current road sector in China. CRBC has undertaken many high-tech, excellent and sophisticated road and bridge works with high technical importances, great added values and significant impacts, most of which represent the state of the art not only in China but also in the world. CRBC creates great contributions in road & bridge construction both to China and to the world.

CRBC carried out its first foreign aid task as early as in 1958. In the 1970’s, the Friendship Harbor in Mauritania, the second largest foreign-aid projects in Africa assisted by Chinese Government, was undertaken by CRBC, which was honored by the people in Africa as’an Archetype of South-South Cooperation’.

In 1979, as one of the earliest four state-owned foreign-trade enterprises to venture abroad, CRBC took the first step in entering international contracting market, undertaking more than 600 engineering and labor projects in Asia, Africa, and Middle East and achieving revenue of over 10 billion US dollars. CRBC has succeeded in constructing many famous projects like the Fourth and Fifth Mosul Bridges in Iraq, the Friendship Harbor in Mauritania, Malta Dry Dock (300,000 DWT), Kenya A109 National Highway, Addis Ababa Ring Road in Ethiopia, the North Section of West Kowloon Expressway in Hong Kong, China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan Highway and Suramadu Sea-Cross Bridge in Indonesia, etc. and has been awarded many influential international prizes, such as Gold Mercury International Award and International Arab Trophy. It has been listed among the Top 225 International Contractors by ENR-Engineering News Record for many consecutive years.

In recent years, actively responding to the national strategy of’exploring the international market’, CRBC has been carefully nurturing its core competitiveness with unflagging spirit and constant innovation. By such high-end means as EPC mode, it has undertaken many famous projects like the Tajikistan-Uzbekistan Highway Reconstruction Project and Karakoram Highway Rehabilitation Project in Pakistan and the expansion of Friendship Harbor in Mauritania. In addition to sparing no efforts to make itself one of the international leading contractors, CRBC has been warmly praised by those countries for the social responsibilities CRBC has assumed and the generous returns to local people and communities.
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