Being a rainbow in the world
Every time I think of my father,tears always blurs my eyes.I accompanied with him around until he died. His lovely voice and happy countenance come to my mind from time to time.At his old age he always said to us : “A man’s whole life is just a long journey which last for 100 years I have travelled ninety percent of it .When I am looking back , I saw the journey tortuous , full of deep ravines and huge surges and but I come through by a ‘bridge’named struggling. ”

My father loved his county very much struggled all his life for her and contributed a lot to her., .Early in 1919 his PhD thesis” the secondary stresses in bridge trusses” had reached the top level in the world.The pioneering ideas in theory has been known as known as “Mao’s Law”.In the early 1930s ,my father designed and was in charge of the construction of the first modern Chinese Railway and Highway Dual Bridge----“Qiantang River Bridge”.

My father was not only a scientist but also a educational expert .He had taught at 5 universities as a professor,and assumed the office of president for two universities.His ideal of education was highly praised by famous educator Mr. Xingzhi Tao.When he got old he took more time in promotion of popularizing science.He once said :“ popularizing science is the bridge to the real sciences ,we should let kids go though first”.He ignored the hard work did his most to guide the youngster to love science ,to use science,and to contribute themselves to the development of science of our motherland . According to the statistics, during the period of time from the year of 1978 to 1981,my father gave at least 30 reports to 60000 children,wrote more than 200 popular science articles for news and magazines.

There were always groups of young pioneers in father’s seating room .Children called him “Our Grandpa Mao”Students around all the country wrote to him frequently .He always replied to them one by one. Among all those letters , the letters from his hometown-----Zheng Jiang made him happy a lot .When he saw the photo album that showed the children gathered under the slogan“ Learn from Grandpa Mao and Aspire to clime up science mountain ” sent by “Zhengjiang Science and Technology News”.and learned that in the whole city may activities of “Trust science Using science”were set off and youngster made great progress and achievements , he felt so pleased. In April of 1984 my father went to Zheng Jiang to attend a conference and after the meeting he visited the No. 2 Middle School of Zheng Jiang to see the students and teachers there .He said to them :” I often thought of returning to visit all of you ,today my hope becomes true.” with passion and he visited the exhibition of the achievements the students got in science activities in the past years and had photo taken together with the students and teachers of the school.
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