Luoyang Bridge

The Luoyang Bridge lies over the Luoyang River, which divides Quanzhou City (quán zhu shì ) and Hui'an County (huái n xiàn), 10 kilometers east of Quanzhou City in Fujian Province (fú jiàn shng ). Luoyang Bridge, also known as Wan'an Bridge (wàn n qiáo ), is a girder-type stone bridge. Its construction began in 1053 during the Northern Song Dynasty (bi sòng ) (960-1127) and lasted seven years. The original bridge was over 1,200 meters long and five meters wide, with 46 piers, 500 railings, 28 stone lions, seven pavilions and nine stone pagodas. The bridge was listed among other famous girder stone bridges in ancient China.

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