Guangzi Bridge

Guangzi Bridge (literally Great Charity Bridge), also known as Siangze Bridgeis situated at east urban Chaozhou, China. The Hang River has been crossed by the Guangzi Bridge for over 800 years. The old bridge was the first opening bridge in the world.

The Guangzi was originally a boat bridge built in 1170 AD in Southern Song Dynastywith the length of 518 metres (1,700 ft). Later construction of piers and framework started from both banks of the river on which it was moored, and a full 200 years later the Guangzi Bridge, a floating section of 18 supporting wooden boats in between two beamed sections, was completed. When necessary the floating section can be disconnected for the passage of big boats, an innovation that set a precedent in bridge-building history. There are two iron cows standing at both ends of the bridge, in the hope of protecting the bridge from the flood damage. A feature that makes the bridge particularly outstanding is that its two beamed sections resemble waterside streets with 24 different styles' pavilions and towers on the 24 piers for doing business, which become a special view on the bridge.
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