ShenZhen Expressway Company Limited
The Company was established on 30 December 1996. It is principally engaged in the investment, construction, operation and management of toll highways and roads. The Company aims at enhancing the ability of wealth creation by improving the quality of operation, obtaining reasonable returns through providing high-quality service to the society, and achieving satisfaction of customers, employees, shareholders and related parties by balancing their interests, so as to foster the Company’s sustainable development. Currently, the Company will maintain its market orientation, focus on the expressway industry, actively explore and engage in new investments in the industry for a synergistic growth in both its scale and efficiency.

In the early stage of establishment, the operating revenue and profit of the Company were derived mainly from the three toll highway assets injected by the promoter. On an equity basis, the mileage of expressways was approximately 11 km, while the mileage of Class 1 highways was approximately 70 km. After over a decade’s development with listing on the financing platforms in both Hong Kong and the PRC, the Company has leveraged on the efforts of its own management team in building a number of high-quality expressways and provision of outstanding construction management and operation management services for government and private-invested highway projects. The Company has also further expanded its coverage to Guangdong Province and other economically developed regions in the PRC by ways of acquisition and participation. As at the end of the 2009, the mileage of the highways invested by the Company (on an equity basis) exceeded 400km. The construction management of 7 projects was entrusted to the Company, with an investment amount of over RMB6.2 billion being completed.

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