Shanxi to build 18 expressways
Shanxi province plans to build 18 expressways by the end of 2012, according to the Transportation Department, so it will have 1,008 kilometers of expressways in all, with 10 fully operational, and eight in partial service.


When the project is completed, the province will have 4,000 kilometers of highways in service, putting it among the top 10 of China’s provinces, in serviceable highways.


In recent years, Shanxi has been active in expressway construction, having built 43 since 2009.

The 10 that will open this year are: the Linfen north ring section of the Qixian-Linfen Expressway; the Linfen connection of the Beijing-Kunming and Qingdao-Lanzhou expressways; and the Taiyuan-Gujiao, Yuci-Qixian, Datong-Hunyuan, Hejin-Yuncheng, Taiyuan-Yangquan, Lingqiu-Shanyin, Xinzhou-Baode, and Gaoping-Lingchuan expressways, for a total of 577.4 kilometers. \ The other eight in partial service are: the Linfen-Jixian Expressway, Yellow River Bridge approach to the Taiyuan-Jiaxian Expressway, the southwestern section of the Shuozhou Ring Rd, and the Tianzhen-Datong, Changzhi-Pingshun, Heshun-Yushe, Guangling-Hunyuan, and Yushe-Pingyao expressways, for a total of 430.6 kilometers.


In addition, Shanxi province plans to begin work on nine other expressways and do preparatory work on six others in 2012, so it will have 58 expressways under construction. They will give the province 4,109.4 kilometers of expressways, at a total cost of 298.36 billion yuan.

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