International Symposium on Ship-Bridge Collision and Its Protection,ISSBCIP-2014
For each related department:

With the increase of river and sea shipping, the increase of the tonnage and speed of ships, and the construction of more and more river bridges, there are more accidents of ships colliding with bridges in the world. Once there is a collision, it is very possible to initiate serious accidents, such as life loses and bridge collapse, therefore cause big economy loses. When the accident is critical, it is possible to cause disastrous environment pollution due to the breakage of the ship body . Therefore, to minimize collision, to employ special device and technology to safeguard the bridge in the case of sudden collision, to avoid or alleviate the disastrous results have become an important engineering technologic issues.

In order to promote the technological communication of ship-bridge collision, and spread the scientific theory of anti-collision, Ningbo University, Ningbo Highway Construction Headquarters, Shanghai Institute of Marine Steel Structures, and State Key Laboratory of Bridge Engineering Structural Mechanics (Chongqing Transportation Institute) launched this symposium themed on the issue of anti-collisionDetails of the meeting in the attachment 1. In the symposium we will discuss themes on bridge anti-collision or other relevant domain. Now we are collecting articles of the thesis. You are welcomed to contribute your papers. Here are the concerningmatters:

IContent of thesis:

1Designing theories and methods of bridge anti-collision;

2. Analysis of the dynamic effects and the calculation of numerical simulation of ship-bridge collisions;

3New structures and technologies of anti-collision of ship and bridge;

4. Alarm in advance and remote supervise of anti-collision of ship and bridge;

5Experiment of anti-collision of ship and bridge.

6. Other related issues concerned with anti-collision of ship and bridge.

II. Requirement of format:

1The content should be related to the bridge anti-collision, and possesses a certain level of technology and theory. Creative and advanced skills and typical experiences are encouraged.

2Thesis are required to be refined. Each paper should be limited in 6 pagesPlease download the paper model from The content should be substantial; the thesis should be clear; the data should be reliable, the phraseology should be concise; and the titleauthorkeyword and the abstract shouldbe bilingual. Last but not least, the position and size of insert maps should be proper arranged.

IIIDeadline and publishing

1Deadline of the abstract is on 15th, Nov, 2013. Abstract should be limited in one page, including name of the author, working department, address, postcode and e-mail address.

2. Deadline of the whole thesis is 15th, Dec, 2013. The Academic Committee will check the papers. The papers will not return to the author, and please keep manuscript yourselves.

3.The thesis will be published by The Railroad Publisher and better ones will be published in the Journal of Vibration and Impact( Journal of Vibration and Shockone of the national core periodicaland registered by EI).

IVContact Us:

All the thesis should be in the form of electric manuscript.

E-mail address:

Address: Room221, Zhongshangxin Building, No.34, Xueyuan South Road, Haidian, Beijing

Postalcode: 100082

Fax: 010-64715399

Contact: Wang Guihua 010-64728719 13811984155

Li Zhenkai 010-64717759 15201522705

Xie Shengnan 010-64757266 13121305515

Zheng Aiting 010-64728719 13911399924
Attachment 1

Seminar Affairs Related
I .TimeMar. 2014.

II .LanguageChinese or English

III .LocationNingbo, China

IV .Honor Chairman

Man-Chung Tang: Foreign Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, and American Academy of Engineering

Wang Mengshu : Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

Wang Jingquan : Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering YangYou : Academician of the Chinese Academy of Science

Zhou Fengjun: Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering

Che Yulin:Chinese Engineering investigation and design master

Li Shoushan:Chinese Engineering investigation and design master

Yang Jin:Chinese Engineering investigation and design master

Yu Tongxi: Professor of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Zhao Gengxian:Chinese ship design master

V. Executive chairmen(Press the surname pen to row to line up a preface)

Wang Lili, Lv Zhongda, Chen Peijian, Zhou Shizhong

VI. Academic committee members (Press the surname pen to row to line up a preface)

Director: Chen Guoyu

Pair director: Liu Cijun, Lu Zonglin, Yang Liming, Zhao Junli

Members of committee:

Ma Biao,Wang Fumin,Zhu Haitao,Liu Weiqing,Tang Guodong, Zhuang Yong,Chen Zhen,Chen Kaili,Chen Mingdong,Chen Haijun,Chen Ganwei,Xiao Bo,Zhang Changqing,Qiu Jianying,Zhou Liang,Zhou Fenghua,Jin Yunlong,Lu Changhe,Zhan Jianhui,G.X. Lu,V.P.W. Shim

VII .Organize committee

Director: Dong Xinlong

Associate director: Liu Jun, Zheng Aiting, Geng Bo, Xu Aimin.

Members of committee:Gan Su,Wang Min,Wang Guihua, Li Zhenkai,Chen Tao,Ni Shiqiang,Zhang Yingying,Xie Shengnan.

VIII. Participants

1. Engineers and managers of each anti-collision unit of design, construction, scientific research maintenance and operation.

2. Professors and researchers of each university and research department related to anti-collision.

3. Leaders and engineers of every ministry of transportation, highway and municipal administration, and command department of engineering construction.

4. Scientific technicist and manager of anti-collision product producer.

VIIII. Host organization

Ningbo University

Ningbo High Grade Highway Construction Command

Shanghai Research Laboratory on Oceanic Steel Structure

State Key Laboratory of Bridge Engineering Structural Mechanics (Chongqing Academy)

X. Associate sponsors

China Railway BridgeBureau of Survey and Design InstituteCo.,Ltd.

CSICHubei HuazhouEmergency EquipmentCompany

Record in WuhanBridge anti-collisionFacilities Engineering Company Limited

Shanghai Shiqiang RiggingCo.

Shanghai PengpuRubber Products Company

XI. Organizer China Bridge website (
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