International Symposium on Ship-Bridge Collision and Its Protection,ISSBCIP-2014


With the increase of river and sea shipping, the increase of the tonnage and speed of ships, and the construction of more and more river bridges, there are more accidents of ships colliding with bridges in the world. Once there is a collision, it is very

Bridge construction could cause 'traffic headaches'


Construction is scheduled to begin this summer on a new Pigg River Bridge on South Main Street in Rocky Mount, near the Veterans' Memorial Park.

Keyser woman seeks foreign aid to build bridge


After contacting officials in Charleston on several occasions and receiving no help, North End resident Karol Ashenfelter is seeking foreign aid to help solve the problem of evacuating the North End of Keyser in an emergency situation. 

Bridge blown up in China


It took just 6.9 seconds and 620kg of explosives to demolish a 1,156-metre-long Qingliangmen-Hanzhongmen viaduct in Nanjing, in east China's Jiangsu Province.

Taizhou triple


A three-tower suspension bridge over the Yangtze River in Jiangsu Province has provided tough challenges for design and construction. Ce Chen and Jianchi Zhong report.

Okla. bridge named after late county commissioner


According to the Stillwater NewsPress (, the bridge was built in 1936 and spanned Stillwater Creek on Oklahoma Highway 51. When the Oklahoma Department of Transportation decided to replace the bridge in 2007, Deering sought to keep th

China opens record-breaking bridge over canyon


The world's highest and longest tunnel-to-tunnel bridge has been completed in China. The bridge, named the Aizhai Extra Large Suspension Bridge, will link together two tunnels 1,176 metres apart, and 355 metres above Hunan's Dehang Canyon.

Cable Stayed Bridge In Vladivostok


Let’s go and check how the construction of the bridge in Zolotoy Rog Bay in Vladivostok is going.

Shanxi to build 18 expressways


Shanxi province plans to build 18 expressways by the end of 2012, according to the Transportation Department, so it will have 1,008 kilometers of expressways in all, with 10 fully operational, and eight in partial service.

Nantong: Robust growth, global challenges


Despite global economic crisis, the coastal city of Nantong in northern Jiangsu province continues to post robust economic growth, ranking high among economies in the Yangtze River Delta as well as prefecture-level cities across China.

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Shihu Bridge in Suzhou Shihu Bridge is a cable-stayed bridge without backstays carried by a single inclined H-shaped pylon. The span arrang...
Yiling Yangtze River Bridge With a total length of 3,246m, Yiling Yangtze River Bridge is a three-pylon single-plane cable-stayed bridge with st...
Daxiedao Bay Bridge The main bridge is a rigid frame with continuous PC box girder, and the span arrangement is 123.6+170+123.6m. The to...
Sunkou Yellow River Bridge The bridge is 1,735.2m long, longest span of continuous steel truss girder is 108m, the total quantity of steel used...