MBEC Titled as “Benchmark Engineering Enterprise”


MBEC has been rewarded a title of “Benchmarking Engineering Enterprise” at the railway construction conference convened by Shanghai Railway Administration. It was the first time of MBEC been rewarded with this title.

Powerful earthquake hits Mexico, but spares lives


A powerful earthquake that shook Mexico from its massive capital to its resort-studded southern coast damaged hundreds of homes and sent thousands of panicked people fleeing from swaying office buildings, yet apparently didn't cause a single death.

Dandong works on transportation construction in 2012


Dandong plans to invest 18.73 billion yuan ($2.96 billion) in communications and transportation in 2012. It is going to complete road construction in the amount of 677.8 kilometers, finish 29 harbor and water transportation projects and two port and yard

New damage found at Forth Road Bridge


Emergency work is to be carried out next weekend at Scotland’s Forth Road Bridge following the discovery of new damage.

Three compete to build Panama Canal bridge


Two consortia and one individual company have submitted prequalification documents to build the bridge on the Atlantic side of the Panama Canal.

Take Infrastructure Back from Politicians


As money and power grow more concentrated in Washington, the line of supplicants stretches all the way to Monticello. That has created a "barbarians at the gate" mentality among conservatives and budget experts who guard the Treasury.

Chinese, Canadian companies sign $3b deals


The deals, covering areas including aviation, finance, rail transit, mining, telecommunications, construction, environmental protection, education, and pharmaceuticals, were signed at the fifth China-Canadian Business Forum.

China's first anchored suspension bridge starts offshore construction


China's first anchored suspension cross-sea bridge starts its offshore construction phase in Dalian, Liaoning province on Feb 8, 2012. The 5.3-kilometer long bridge is expected to be open to traffic at the end of 2013.

Concrete placement nears completion at Russky Island Bridge


In parallel, The bridge stay cable and girder system is being installed on schedule. A total of 130 stay cables up to 483m long have already been installed. Work is currently under way tensioning the 34th pair of stay cables on the Nazimov Peninsula, and

Building on fire in downtown Beijing


A fierce blaze engulfed a building near a bus stop in Gongzhufen, Haidian District in western Beijing, disrupting traffic in the region.

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